Emiway Bantai's New Song Company Breaking To Many Records

Anshu Choudhary

Emiway Bantai featuring in the new song 'Company' | See what's fans reaction 

Rising Hip Hop star Emiway Bantai recently launched new song 'Company' fans are showing miscellaneous reviews about the song. Emiway Bantai songs are really a new kind of style in hip hop world. Emiway gained remarkable success after his debut song glint lock released in 2013. 

Emiway's look in this song is really dope and gives a OG look. Emiway Bantai rose to attention after his controversial song of Raftaar. Although Emiway has recently dropped number of famous hits. Emiway's most hit song are Machaenge, Fir se Machaenge and Samjh me aya kya and many others. You can visit to Emiway Bantai's music profile to listen to songs. Emiway all songs can easily get through YouTube. 

Emiway Bantai | Company |Song Reaction 

The company song was released on 22 January 2023. Emiway Bantai is continuously making hit songs. Emiway's latest Company song will be the top song in YouTube music soon. Company song hit more than two million views within twenty four hours of release. 

Fans sharing comments that Emiway making back to back hit songs, he just taking hip hop to next level. One of the fan mentioned that Emiway's works is really inspiring for him. Shared, Emiway should keep producing great music. His songs are well balanced songs that give goosebumps but melt your heart at the same time, one one fan added. 

One Emiway fan added, another masterpiece song, thankyou so much for your song. Fans are just falling for the lyrics of Company song of Emiway Bantai. The beats which was composed Sanito beats kind of amazing and these beats give the song a commercial touch, a fan added. 

So if we talk about this song in overall, it is a wholesome best song of Emiway Bantai till date. The song is made by proper Street style rapping. Emiway Bantai is the only artist who can give such a raw song. It is a fact that Emiway has become India's most successful independent music artist. 

You can listen to Emiway Bantai's new song Company on all major music platforms, including Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, YouTube. We have provided the links below to listen Company song of Emiway Bantai.

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