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Anshu Choudhary

Shehnaaz gill (moonrise)

Guru Randhawa is all set to make a bold personality on musical world with his amazing songs. Guru's new song Moonrise is a best examples for the above facts. 

Moonrise hit the list of most trending song this week on YouTube, people streaming this song more & more on every occasion and private party. The attractive part about the song is its simplicity and amazing music set. Shehnaaz looks in the song is very mind-blowing. 

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Moonrise song, best part is when the line come "kisi changi kismat wale di kismat de vich to hovegi" this line, fan loved the most.Fans reacted that Guru's and Shehnaaz  bond looking very special, they will look awesome as a couples. 

Guru Randhava & Shehnaaz Gill

The songs is on Trending on YouTube. The song Moonrise is ranked 2nd on YouTube music. Fans are of the point that, Guru's voice and Shehnaaz made the song even memorable and awesome, actually.

Moonrise song is a kind of influencing, a magical vibe that comes from both of the artist. Mesmerizing Shehnaaz and beautiful vocal of Guru Randhawa. Fans feels glad that, after a very long time Shehnaaz looking happy. Guru and gill bond is just a boom, making fans more excited about their relationship.

Fans shared that, Shehnaaz vibe is very unique, she makes everyone attract to her acting. Shehnaaz Gill is a unique kind of artist. She plays her role very well, that it look almost real. 

Guru Randhawa Moonrise Look

Gurnaazian named Guru and Shehnaaz bond as gurnaaz and want more of their bond, further. Moonrise song is a kind of new type of song created by the artist Guru Randhawa. While seeing Shehnaaz Gill after a long time being happy, also mesmerized fans. 

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