Turkish Influencer Merayad wows with Captivating Content and Killer Looks

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 Germany: The influencer is one of the top most famous TikToker world wide. Merayad known as a professional model, and came into people’s attention from TikTok during April 2020. Merayad was generally famous because of his attractive look and lip synced shorts. Merayad is from a Turkish kin family and birth place is in Germany.  

Merayad focused content is about cats and related funny video. Moreover, his cats are being featured most of the time in millions different ways. Merayad is obsessed about fashion and modelling and represent it in his Instagram handle. Merayad has more than 100 millions of likes in TikTok. 

Merayad real name is the same Merayad, he is a Turkish by origin. Merayad is a top famous German TikToker. Meer Ali belongs from Turkish family clan. Merayad has more than one million Instagram followers. More than 100 Millions TikTok likes and 50 Millions Followers.  Merayad is obsessed with cats and he even pet them, more than one. Almost 50% of Merayad Fans are girls. Yes, it is sound some unique but, Merayad mostly loved by girl fans all over the world. Even though, Merayad_ concentrated fans following are from United States. Marayad follows a well mannered life style, as he follows a perfect routine.  In one of Merayad interview shared in his YouTube channel. There meer told that he is a and he goes to gym every day to maintain body fit. As only few have known that, before getting famous, Meriyad was used to be a full time model.

So before, getting social media attraction, Merayad used to be professional model. 
He was one of the top paid model of Germany and his photos and looks always inspired by people around the country. But now, he is globally Known by millions of people. 

Meer Ali is Turkish by Origin, and was born in Germany. The birth date of Merayad is January 15 1995, as of in 2023 he is 28 years old. Merayad is very much serious about relationship, so it is not publicly revealed about his girlfriend or wife(if married). If we listen out something about it we will update in his bio. Meer Ali’s parents and family information is also not shared publicly by the influencer. So it is not available to us also

Real Name Meer Ali (Muslim)
Birth Place Germany
Country of Origin Turkish
Parents Name Publicly Not Shared
Siblings Publicly Not Shared
 Relationship Private
Meer Ali is German
Net Worth 700K USD [2023]
Famous For Instagram Influencer 
[Globally as a TikToker]
Profession Full Time Fashion Model

The influencer started his social media career backe in April of 2020 for not seriously. But later thousands of people started watching his TikTok videos. As per 2023 analysis Merayad is one top hundred influencer globally. In the table down have given the exact info about the social media reach of the influencer. 

Merayad [ Meer Ali] Social Media Reach of the Influencer
Instagram  Tap On The Link
Youtube Tap On The Link
TikTok [ as per IG Story of Meer] Tap On The Link
Snapchat Tap On The Link
Twitter Tap On The Link
Pinterest Tap On The Link
Reddit Tap On The Link
Whatsapp Tap On The Link
Facebook Tap On The Link
Massenger Tap On The Link           

Note: All the information in this article is accumulate by real available sources. There's not any privacy broken in the biography of the internet personality. Everything in the biography is real and generated by info, the influencer shared on social media. Do read more biographies in the Firstly Today Biography section. 

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