Big Boss 16 News: Rising pop fame MC Stan, fans shared what they thought about him

Anshu Choudhary
Big Boss 16 Fame MC Stan • Here's What Fans Think About The Rising Rapper 

7 February 2023:
Big Boss fame MC Stan's fans shared about what they feel about him . The rising Pop face Altaf Sheikh stage name MC Stan has millions of fan following. While MC got into people's attention after debut song "Wata" released in 2018. As of now in 2023 Stan reached the power of millions fans, who love for his real pop talent. MC Stan initially introduced into Indian pop culture after his first rap video "Wata". Moreover, the latest viral song of Altaf is Basti Ka Hasti and much more. 

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Following MC Stan latest released song, Gender in which fans reaction was noticeable. One commented, Big Boss is not popularizing MC Stan, but Stan bought Big Boss show into trends. Moreover, the extension of BB 16 is might due to the presence of MC Stan in the show, Netizens shared. The way Bigg Boss is projecting the character of MS Stan, it is clear from this that he will be called a winner. Anyway, according to the survey, people who are currently watching Big Boss most of them are MC Stan fame world. MCians revealed that, the artist never portrays himself as the best one, but do always reveal what he is in real. MC Stan neutral behaviour at all time in the Big Boss 16 show is way noticeable. Moreover,  MC Stan shows his proper identity whenever he gets a chance, which makes him a fan favorite even more. 

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