The Inspiring Story of Amit Badhana | Success is not a One Night Game, it achieved by Years of Struggle

Anshu Choudhary

 Amit Badhana Success Story, not achieved by luck or sources but his real hard work and inspirational struggle story 

Success Story of Amit Badhana| Unknown  Facts about Amit Badhana 

The story of Amit Badhana, a motivation for everyone to never give up in life. Life takes even the worsted test to build you up and make a real difference in your family situation. Amit Badhana's YouTube career has made everyone believe that, hardwork is the only key to achieve everything. 
Amit Badhana childhood was the most hurtful part of his life. Pointing up is the death of his father in 1994. The situation after that became more worst. Amit Badhana family situation was not good at that sensitive time. Even his family was not that much supportive to him and their mother and sister. 

Amit Badhana an influenced YouTuber and Instagram Influencers 

The situation refused him to complete his real interest dream, as a cricketer. Later on he faced a lot of criticism following his school, everything was really heart breaking for him. But the good thing is that, he never do not lose heart. After putting in a lot of effort, he finally achieved a lot of thing. 
As of now, Amit Badhana has listed in the top rank for being the most influential YouTube in India and world wide too. Today he achieved the championship of having billion views on videos. Moreover Amit Badhana has the most subscribed channel with more two crores. 

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