Natu Natu Record Breaking Success Left Behind All The Western Pop Songs

Anshu Choudhary

 Natu Song Won The Oscar, Became the Best Original Song in the 95th Academy Awards 2023

Natu Natu Oscar Winning Award 2023

The Natu Natu song made India shine even more in front of foreign culture, won the best song award. Ram Charan's song "Natu Natu" with NTR left a mark at Oscars 2023. Will honor the most original and best song ever in 2023. As was the choreography of the Natu Natu song, it had to get the status of Best Original Song. The amazing dance of the song went viral at the time of release in 2021. Left behind songs made by great artists like and Lady Gaga, Rihanna and all in the line. Became the Influential song on the foreign land Los Angeles. 

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The biggest hit film of 2022, RRR achieved the status of being the best film in the world. 95th Academy Awards topped the South Indian Origin song Natu Natu by the film RRR. NTR is the lead character of this film and Ram Charan and Alia Bhatt was also seen. Other major characters was also seen in the film of well-known celebrities. RRR made a splash in the world by winning the 95th Academy Awards 2023, which was held in Los Angeles. 

Natu Natu Oscar Winning Award 2023
As RRR was the blockbuster hit of the year 2022 and this made a legendary position world wide. Creating a huge position for Indian Acting and Drama in the world wide. It is good to say that in coming years, South India Film Industry will surely rule the Entertainment globally, actually. Film actors Ram Charan and NTR showed great happiness for this success of the movie RRR. 

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