One Man Shot Dead in Barrackpore, Kolkata | Death Reason is Still Unknown

Anshu Choudhary

Anwar Ali Shot Dead in Titagarh Breaking News

Barrackpore, Kolkata: It was on Friday night, 28 April 2023, one man was shot dead in between Barrackpore- Titagarh town of Kolkata. The name of the victim was Anwar  Ali, as per investigation reports. According to the police investigations, the age of the man was 54 years old. The man was returning from the mosque and was on his way home. During the same time period, three riders on a bike stopped in front of him with a gun. One of the riders shot at him two times and then flew away, the locals said. 

Anwar Ali was a trader and used to run businesses in the transport sector. Barrackpore head commissioner Alok Rajoria added, personal or business rivalries may have done the murder of Anwar Ali. As of now, the suspect is not under custody and the police force is investigating the reason for the murder. 

Anwar Ali was then immediately admitted to the local hospital for treatment at B.N. Bose Hospital, as per investigation reports. Later on, the wounded man was shifted to a private hospital, but unfortunately, doctors could not be able to save his life. 

As per Uttam Das the Trinamool leader at Barrackpore and Chairman of Barrackpore Municipality, Anwar Ali was a Trinamool Congress worker, but the reason behind his shot death is not discovered at the moment

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