Operation Kaveri: 360 Indians have successfully returned to the homeland with the help of Saudi Arabia

Operation Kaveri Successfully Completed in Sudan, reported by firstly today

 New Delhi, India: 
Operation Kaveri was quite successful in bringing back stranded Indian citizens from Sudan. As per the reports, 278 Indian citizens successfully returned in the first batch under Operation Kaveri. Two Air Force aircrafts were used in Operation Kaveri, along with the first and second batch of Indian citizens were easily brought back to the country with the help of Saudi Arabian Air Force.


Getting caught in the middle of Sudan's conflict has been one of the most horrifying moments so far, Indians who returned from Sudan shared with the media. With the help of Saudi Arabia, India brought back its countrymen from the conflict in Sudan on Wednesday. Evacuees shared, the time in Sudan is very sensitive, we used to stay locked in a small room. The atmosphere of terror was remained all the time. Terror had increased to such an extent that Rebellions used to scare us by aiming chest in our chest. Coming back to India was a huge relief for us, statement shared by Evacuees to the media.

The aim of Operation Kaveri was to bring back the stranded Indians from Sudan, which was accomplished. The matter increased in Sudan, conflict is going on between the fighting between the Sudanese Army and the Paramilitary Force. And thus Operation Kaveri started to bring back Indian citizens from Sudan.

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