The Most Latest Features of iPhone 15 Has Been Revealed by CAD Renderers

Anshu Choudhary

iPhone 15 Most Anticipated Features Action Button

iPhone 15 Latest Features: There is no longer time left for the launch of the iPhone 15 and at the same time there has been a lot of buzz about the new features of the Series 15. So let's know what new features are going to come in Apple's latest iPhone series. 

The first CAD rumors of the best features of the Apple iPhone 15 have begun. According to reliable sources, now the new series iPhone 15 will have a new type of button and that is the action button. 

iPhone 15 Most Anticipated Features Action Button
First glimpse of iPhone 15 revealed by the reliable information source [image by: 9to5Mac]

Apple is about to create a most unique design in the latest iPhone series. It is replacing the mute button with a upcoming new design of button and it is Action Button. Instead of the old series, iPhone 15 will have new sets of button with customisable features and functions.

 In the new iPhone 15 series the action button will not be  available in the plus series but it is only available in Pro series. As per the latest CAD renderers, the latest iPhone series will have separate buttons for volume instead of the old style like combined in one volume button. 


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