Cyclone Mocha Likely to Bring Relief from Rising Temperatures in Kolkata after May 11

Anshu Choudhary
Cyclone Mocha Intensifies his temperature in Kolkata

Kolkata, India: Kolkata is likely to experience significant peak in temperature for the next consecutive days till May 11. The city's temperature possibly crossing over 40° Celcius for these coming days, before Cyclone Mocha bring some relief after May 11 with thunderstorms. The RMC Kolkata disseminated a bulletin on Saturday May 6, stating a cyclone circulation has formed over Southeast Bay of Bengal. A low pressure area is likely to form from May 8 morning with a depression follow around May 9. The depression may intensify into a cyclone thunderstorms while moving towards the Central Bay of Bengal. 

The Kolkata RMC Director stated that the low pressure development will prevent moisture incursion moving inwards from the coast significantly reducing the chance of rainfall until the cyclone makes landfall. In spite of rising temperatures humidity level will also be at peak point. Situation of thunderstorm in Kolkata will likely to occur after the landfall of Cyclone Mocha landfall. 

In conclusion, Kolkata is expected to experience a powerful thunderstorms only after Cyclone Mocha makes landfall, with the potential for the depression to intensify into a cyclone storm. 

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