Five Culprit Arrested in Relation with Several Bomb Blast Near Golden Temple in Amritsar

Anshu Choudhary

golden temple blast news reported by Firstly Today

Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab
: On Thursday, May 11, police force in Northern India arrested give culprits in connection with a series of bomb blast near the Golden Temple of India, in Amritsar. The culprits of Golden Temple bomb blast used homemade bomb explosion. The explosive blasts occurred on May 6, May 8 and next in midnight of May 10, outside the Golden Temple which houses Sikhism holy scriptures. As per the Police Deputy Commissioner in the state of Punjab, one of the culprit detonated a makeshift bomb containing about two hundreds gram of explosives on May 6 after lowering it in a bag from the top of the building. On May 10, the third explosion hit the area near Harmandir Sahib shortly past mid night. Punjab Police has suspected the possibility of another explosion and currently verifying on it. 

Recovered CCTV footages shows the alleged culprit throwing the bomb from the second floor of the Guru Ram Das into Galleria. As per the latest reports of today, North Indian Police have arrested five suspects in connection with the explosive blast near Golden Temple. It includes the suspects throwing bomb from the washroom window. Some of the pemphlets were also recovered at the scene allegedly thrown by a suspect who has confessed to carrying out all three blast at near the Golden Temple, Amritsar. 

There were two masterminds behind this tragic bomb explosion, while one them was a former government employee. As per the investigation sources, the incentive behind this huge bomb blast was to convey a strong message against anti- Sikh activities across the country. 

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