Manoj Dey Married With Jyotishree: Here are the Glimpse of Their Wedding

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Tech Youtuber Manoj Dey Married to Model Jyotishree Mahato 

Manoj Dey Wedding and Latest News

Today on 15 March 2023, the Manoj Dey married with the famous YouTuber Jyotishree Mahato. Wishing Mr. and Mrs. Dey a happy and positive bond in married life. According to the sources, Manoj was in a private relationship with Jyoti for a long time.

 After that their bond was just known as friends, but today it became clear, they are couples. The couple looking very cute in the wedding dress. The couple married in a full Bengal traditional way. The 26 years old Manoj Dey belongs from Bengal and he is pure Bengali. Manoj currently residing in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. 

Tech YouTuber Manoj and Jyoti's relationship as a friend was in discussion before their marriage. Manoj and Jyoti had also worked together in many songs. It is said in Manoj's YouTube that he started his own business before marriage. 

As per sources Manoj Dey is about to own a mall in Jharkhand, exact location not known. Moreover, Manoj Dey bought a luxury home in Jharkhand, in a luxury place of the State. Even more, there bond also looks like made for each other.  

Tech YouTuber Manoj Dey Married to Jyoti Mahato: Here are the Glimpse of There Wedding

Manoj Dey is famous as an influential Tech YouTuber, he gained a lot of success. Manoj was also featured in the motivational show of Sandeep Maheshwari, in 2022. Manoj Dey is a real inspiration for people who are working hard to make success in Tech fields. While Jyotishree Mahato is a Instagram model and influencer. 

Fans are shocked after seeing this biggest update made by Manoj Dey as his marriage was not confirmed. But, before the wedding photos, Manoj Dey shared a Instagram story hinting about a latest news, and in turned out to that he married. Fans wishes a very good and successful life to the couple and achieve everything in their married life. 

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