Bank Fraudsters Arrested in Kolkata Accused of Scamming INR 103 Crores

Two Young Men Arrested Involvement of Scamming 103 Cores Image Source Cointelegraph

Kolkata Police, West Bengal: Two young men arrested by Kolkata Police on May 24, 2023 in involvement of scamming bank fraud case accused of illegal transaction of more than hundreds of crores. The Bank Fraud Cell of the Detective Department has researched on the major scams done by the two and after following some time, the two got arrested by the cops.The two men are accused of running a fraudulent scheme where they opened fictitious accounts counterfeit documents. As per the estimates, the two made an biggest illegal transaction of 103 crores with the fictitious accounts. They made several fictitious accounts at ICICI Bank with the help of counterfeit documents. These accounts were used to carry out deceitful transactions, and totally the two made successful transaction of Rs 103 crores, approximately. 

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As per the news report by India Today, the arrested fraudsters has been identified as Manoj Behera and Md Quis. First of all, the fraudster Manoj Behera belongs to Sambalpur, Odisha and the another one was from Sahebganj, Jharkhand. As per the investigation reports, the two were managing director at a company called Marfik Tech Solution Private Limited. The two were arrested on Thursday in Kolkata, they were caught from a rented house at Garden Reach. After being arrested, the two individuals was presented before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) of Kolkata. At present, orders have been received to keep them in custody, the police is also interrogating with them, to found out other scammers who are behind this heinous illegal transaction.

Sudesh Gupta one of the manager at ICICI Bank played a crucial role in arresting of these bank fraudsters. Sudesh Gupta is the manager of the Investigation Financial Crime Prevention Group at the ICICI Bank and he firstly made the complaint against these fictitious and unreasonable transactions. He played a important role in confronting these huge issue by bringing the matter to attention of the government authorities. 

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