The Diary of West Bengal: A Movie Based on Facts Says Director Sanoj Mishra

The Diary of West Bengal A Film Based on Facts, Says Sanoj Mishra

Kolkata, West Bengal
: "Our movie is only based on true events and we have collected all the evidence, researched everything" Sanoj Mishra revealed. After the release of the trailer the director got legal notice from authorities of West Bengal. Sanoj Mishra questioned "why I got F.I.R from Kolkata Police, The Diary of West Bengal is a fact based movie". 

"Our film is only based on appeasement politics, that are ready to do anything for vote bank" shared Sanoj Mishra in an interview with ANI news. Following the interview with ANI Sanoj Mishra added, many such serious actions have been taken against me by the authorities, it seems that I am a criminal, but my work is normal, just making films. 

West Bengal Police filed an FIR against Sanoj Mishra on May 11, on this Mishra said "I trust the law of India and I have the freedom of Expression". "I am presenting myself in front of the media today because I am afraid, if I go to the police station, it will be difficult for me to come back," Sanoj Mishra told in ANI interview. 

Note: The news content is totally based on facts and information has been taken from several reliable sources. This article highlights Sanoj Mishra's interview with the ANI News amid the controversies on the Diary of West Bengal

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