CBSE Class 10 2023: Kafi an Inspiring Story of a Acid Attack Survivor Topper From Chandigarh

Anshu Choudhary

CBSE 10th result 2023 Kafi Success story

Chandigarh, Punjab: Kafi is an inspiration for millions, her story is a pure example of "lack of sight can't stop you from having a great vision". Kafi is the girl who got blinded by an acid attack during her childhood. Kafi survived a tragic acid attack at the tender age of three. After that, she and her family got through a lot of sacrifices, but it could not stop her ambition to achieve something big in life. Moreover, she desires to become an IAS officer in the future and helps everyone to achieve big success in life. 

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As of today, in 2023 Kafi has accomplished herself as the topper of Chandigarh's Institute of Blind in her CBSE Class 10 Boards with 95. 20% marks. She has gone through a six-year-long struggle with hospital rounds. As per her interview with the Indian Express, during her medical treatments, her family sacrificed a lot to restore her vision but it could not possible at that. "We suffered a lot because of the financial crisis to get her sight back," Kafi's father said. His father used to work as a sweeper in a court in Hisar, during that same time Kafi completed her school there for two years. After that Kafi and her family shifted to Chandigarh to complete their further studies at the Chandigarh Institute of Blinds, a reputed educational institute in Chandigarh for blind students.


Being the CBSE Class 10 topper, Kafi proved herself as a testament of courage and made her family proud with her determination. This has been a great success for Kafi's family because their sacrifices have been great. Kafi's parents had told in the Indian Express interview that they had spent up to 20 lakhs for her treatment till now. Despite facing such a difficult situation, Kaifi did not give up on her dream of becoming an IAS officer and set out to work hard to achieve it, to make her parents proud and acknowledge the remarkable sacrifices made by his family. 

The principal of the Institute of Blinds at Chandigarh has appreciated Kafi's great success to be the topper and added "Kafi's success story has become an inspiration for many to achieve anything even if it's beyond their limits". J.S Jayara the principal of the Institute of Blinds added, "The students at the institute have shown several times that difficult situations cannot stop them from succeeding over anything". Kafi's story has proved to be a testament to hard work and determination; anyone can succeed even if it is beyond their limits, because of the great vision. The inspiring story of Kafi has been covered in an interview by the Indian Express. It highlights her true dedication and motivation to be a great soul with the ambition to achieve things beyond level. 

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