Young Lady Dies in Barrackpore After Intake of Acid

Lady intake toxic Substance identified as Acid at Barrackpore Hospital B.N Bose Image Source Timeon news

Barrackpore, Kolkata: A recent death case has been recorded from Barrackpore, a lady tragically lost her life after intake of a toxic substances identified as acid by the doctors. As per the reports, the lady had gone through domestic violence by her family. Following the conflict the lady ended up taking acid and got died at the hospital. The incidents sents a tragic shockwaves through the community, authorities are looking forward to uncover the reason behind this act. 

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The victim's name and other details has not been identified yet. The death case was occurred in a local hospital at Barrackpore. The name of the hospital was B.N. Bose where the lady end up died. As per the sources, the victims belongs to Barrackpore who succumbed the toxic substances. If looking into preliminary reports, it is believed that she intentionally drunk the corrosive substances, what was the reason behind this tragic act of the lady. 

Probably the possible behind this tragic act of the lady could be domestic violence or mental harrasment. Still the local authorities are searching for the real reason behind the death. [ News Source: Timeon News]

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